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Chloe originally ''Robin'' sculpt by Adrie Stoete-Schuiteman
Date Of Reborn: February 7th, 2009
Length: 19 Inches
Weight: 5lb 8oz
Eyes: Dark Newborn Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye Lashes: Brown
Eyebrows: Soft Brown
Limbs: Three Quarter Arms and Legs
Cloth Body: Fully Jointed


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Details at a glance:

Chloe is the very popular sculpt called Robin by the world famous and very talented artist Adrie Stoete-Schuiteman.

Chloe's truly realistic ''real life'' complexion was achieved through the use of Genesis heat-set paints. Her colors will never fade. The lifelike mottled effect of her skin was achieved through multiple layers of subtle shading over a period of time. Her shading has been done a bit softer, with delicate but stronger overtones to give her a ''soft'' innocent look. Every little crease and fold of Chloe's head and limbs have been detailed, blushed and shaded to achieve realism. Chloe has got soft veins painted on her little face and limbs. Never too bold as to overshadow her amazing ''real life'' complexion. Her head has been weighted with slightly larger glass pellets
and needs support when she is picked up, just like a real baby. Chloe's limbs have been filled with glass granules and have also been weighted to perfection. Chloe has been given a brand new cloth body, custom designed, and is in perfect proportion to her head and limbs. Her limbs are very easy to pose.Her body has been filled with soft fiberfill that will never clot and glass pellets. Chloe's body is soft and cuddly and has been realistically weighted. Once you pick her up, you just can't put her down. Chloe's hair has been Micro Rooted, one hair at a time, by hand with Dark Brown premium Plus Angora Mohair which was imported from the USA. This truly amazingly soft and silky hair was made by Susan Nagel. Her hair can be gently combed, styled and washed with the aid of a little water and baby shampoo, as it has been glued on the inside on his head. Her new Mom can style her hair straight or whip it up into lovely soft curls. Her lips have a lovely soft realistic color and matches her complexion perfectly.

Outfits and clothing may vary, you may not receive the same outfit pictured with baby. We will send you 2 outfits,
a stuffed animal (the baby's favorite) and a blanket. Some babies but not all come with a pacifier.

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