Taking photos and creating realisitc skin tone for reborn dolls and babies.


Facts About Reborn baby dolls for sale

Learn about creating, purchasing and owning reborn babies.
How do they make these wonderful reborn dolls.

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What is a reborn doll?
Reborn dolls are collectable pieces of art create by a doll maker,
the process of reborning a doll is being able to create the illusion of realism, from skin texture to hair rooting. Through this process each doll become a one of a kind creation.


The first step in selecting a baby reborn is obviously studying baby reborn pictures.
This can be very addictive.

I am a collector, and I have collected hundreds of baby reborns from
all over the world all are unique and every baby is different.

An enormous amount of care is taken in producing quality reborn pictures. A beautiful reborn picture draws the eye and warms the heart. It is common for the reborn artist to provide several reborn pictures of each creation.

If you have a slow internet connection these can sometimes take a while to load.
Be patient, it will be worth it.

Reborn pictures are beautifully posed with a variety of props. Usually baby reborns are displayed in the clothes that are included in the price, and many times I offer extra clothing and very much need accessories for your baby.

Such as teddy bears, additional blankets, cribs, basinets, etc,
Again just double check to make sure.


The best reborn pictures are those taken in natural light, that is no flash photography. Natural light shows the true color of the skin tones. However, in the short winter days of the northern hemisphere a good natural light is not always available.

It is also worth noting that all reborn pictures even those which are advertised as being taken in natural light can so easily be manipulated in terms of contrast, brightness and color saturation by using one of the many photo enhancement programs available.

A reborn artist will always want to show their baby reborn at it's best. It may also be in response to the lack of good natural light, a low mega pixel camera or poor photographic skills. You will know immediately when you see the baby reborn you fall in love with. We have many references and we have many repeat customers...

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