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Weighs approx. 4 lbs

21 inches long

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Details at a glance:

~Only 500 Worldwide~
~Beautiful Lifesize Baby!~
~True-to-Life Skin Mottling & Veining~
~Micro-Rooted & Hand Painted Hair~
~Amazing Blown Glass Eyes~

Don't miss out on this SOLD OUT limited edition!

She is an adorable lifelike sculpt by world renown artist Gudrun Legler.
This precious kit of only 500 worldwide was quickly sold out and is now nearly impossible to find!
Kyra is very true-to-life with such realistic details and features of a real newborn baby.
She weighs approx. 4 lbs and is 21 inches long.

She wears newborn and some preemie baby clothes and size 0 baby shoe.
What fun her new mommy (or daddy) will have dressing her in all of the new baby fashions!

Kyra has been color enhanced with permanent heat set artist oils. These paints have been applied in very thin layers for the most lifelike undertones, veining and mottled infant skin appearance. All of her blushing and shading have been done on the outside. No dyes or paints were used on the inside of her body so there is no risk of colors bleeding through. With this process her coloring will not rub off or fade over time!

She has a durable doe-suede body that is very poseable and proportioned just the right size. Her head, body and limbs have been weighted with micro glass beads, poly pellets and down-like polyfil so that she feels
cuddly soft and astonishingly lifelike in your arms!

All of her nails have a NATURAL just trimmed look. Her nail beds have been painted in thin layers complete with tiny moons, tipped in a natural off white and finally double sealed with a matte sealer.

Kyra has subtle veining throughout her entire body in areas where babies have thin, almost transparent skin...
this technique is truly amazing!

One glance into Kyra's lifelike baby blue eyes and your heart is sure to be captured!
These are the highest quality mouth blown glass eyes and so very realistic.

Kyra has a combination of hand painted and micro-rooted hair. Her beautiful fawn brown hair is high quality Angora mohair that has been painstakingly micro-rooted with a very thin needle to resemble a real infant scalp! This technique takes MANY hours as only a couple of hairs are rooted at a time. This Angora mohair has the exact appearance and feel as that of real fine baby hair. It has been secured within with a waterproof adhesive therefore it can be gently washed and combed. Underneath her baby fine hair she has single stroke painted hair for an even more lifelike appearance.

This reborn baby is NOT A TOY FOR PLAY. Although constructed durably, due to the materials used he/she may not be child safe and therefore should NOT be given to young children. This baby is now a collectible ''Work of Art'' and when properly cared for may be enjoyed, loved and passed down for generations!

Outfits and clothing may vary, you may not receive the same outfit pictured with baby. We will send you 2 outfits,
a stuffed animal (the baby's favorite) and a blanket. Some babies but not all come with a pacifier.

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