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Anatomically Correct
Birth date: the 17th of April
Weight: 5lbs 2 oz
Measures approx 18-19"

This page contains pictures of Pearl nude also,
so if you find newborn nudity offensive please don't scroll down


Prices do not include shipping. Shipping within the US is $39.99. This includes a Tracking number, and Certified Signature Requested. If you are outside the United States please email me at reborns@babies-reborn.com
for a Shipping Quote. I will ship overseas.


Details at a glance:

Pearl was made from Serah Special Edition, anatomically correct reborn girl! Extremely realistic!
Well as you can see this little girl is very special indeed, reborned from Adries Stoete Sarah kit. which has been
specially signed by ADRIE herself:) She has been filled with highest quality products, rooted eyebrows and hair. ONLY finest needles has been used and all of them 46 gauge to avoid big rooting holes... as you can see from the pictures. Painted with 32 layers of genesis heat set paints. Wet look lips just seal the harmonious coloring of her pale completion, fingers gently white-tipped and varnished, even the smallest vain hasn't been missed... blushing has reached all the needed places. She looks very gentle... sleeping like a little angel... She will need somebody who loves her as much as I do.

Outfits and clothing may vary, you may not receive the same outfit pictured with baby. We will send you 2 outfits,
a stuffed animal (the baby's favorite) and a blanket. Some babies but not all come with a pacifier.

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